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DevOps Engineer
Bachelor (BE)
Want to join Nubera's team of passionate IT professionals?

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As seen through the eyes of our customers you are the leading man or woman regarding DevOps. You help the customer and its teams to build a solid and integrated DevOps toolchain.

You are one of the strong believers of the Cloud First strategy and as a DevOps Engineer you’ll be orchestrating and automating various environments, based on modern platforms, frameworks and languages.

You are a real “Jedi”, always looking out for new adventures, but also looking out for the pitfalls along the way.

From our end, we strongly believe in the principle “Any IT service, any platform, single click”. We try to free up the time of our customers, so they can focus on what is really important to them. By empowering the business to do what they do best, rather than performing the same task over and over again.

Your Tasks

  • As a DevOps Engineer, we perceive you as a know-it-all. Everything you come across looks or seems more or less familiar to you. You will be focusing on the design, implementation and go-live for the projects you manage. You also know when it would be appropriate to involve or dispatch to one of the more junior, peer or senior team members.
  • You analyze each use case with “Deutsche Grundligkeit”, you implement the solutions with “Italian Temperament”, and you document everything with “Swiss Precision and Consistency”. To top it off, you remain calm in every situation like a true Scandinavian.
  • Together with your colleagues, you are to be considered as an “infinite source of wisdom” in your field of expertise.

Jouw profiel

  • You have a strong expertise with cloud, automation & orchestration platforms. We don’t pay too much attention which tribe you belong to, as long as you are eager to share your knowledge and adapt to the business demand.
  • Whenever you see a task, first reflex that comes to mind is “how can I automate this”.
  • In a perfect world, you have some kind of bachelor or master IT degree, but we won’t just stick to the formal paper work, real life experience is equally valuable and passion is key.
  • Having a certification in a DevOps technology is considered as an asset. But don’t be afraid, we know there are not that many captains around these days that know how to manoeuvre a container in the open waters.
  • You love to work within a team.
  • You are fluent in Dutch & English. 

Your Skils

  • You have experience with the following tools/ techniques:
    • Git
    • Ruby
    • .Net Core
    • Ansible
  • Experience with the following tools/ techniques is a plus:
    • Linux
    • Docker
    • Kubernetes/ Open|Shift
    • VMWare
    • CI/CD pipelines
  • Keeping up with the latest trends is a difficult task, but you handle this like a pro.
  • Listening, questioning, double questioning aka "thinking out of the box with a focus towards solutions now and in the future", that’s what it’s all about.
  • But most important of all, you are very eager to become the next Nuberian, to be added as a new node into our own “Nuberian Neural Network”.

In deze baan vind je:

Creativiteit & Sociale contacten & Specialisme

Wat we bieden

  • A permanent job, in a fun team, driving an agile company with a clear vision.
  • A personal development path, in order to boost your own career.
  • A business standard “compensation and benefits” package, including a car, various extralegal benefits such as hospitalization plan, pension plan and 32 days paid time off.
  • Random happy “Fri-yays” and fun team events

Over ons

We started Nubera because we believe IT organizations are missing out on business opportunities by spending too much time on manual and repetitive jobs. It’s our mission to enable them to become innovative, flexible and cost efficient through automation & orchestration. Ultimately our vision is to deliver any IT service on any platform with a single click.

At Nubera people come first. Everything we do is aimed at making your professional life easier, your work more efficient and your business more prosperous. Our team of skilled IT professionals is ready to help your organization realize the full potential of cloud native technologies and automation.

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