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If you are a Front-End Web Developer who is interested in joining our dynamic Veeva CRM MyInsights+ development team, we would like to talk to you!

We use web technologies, in combination with a little bit of Salesforce and Veeva CRM, to create dashboards – verging increasingly into app territory – that help our end users get their job done as effectively as possible. You will be working in a challenging multi-device, multi-customer architecture.

You will have significant input into architecture and development practices of individual projects as well as the internal framework they all use.

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Client communication. You will interact with customers, analyse feature requests, handle bug reports and deploy deliverables daily. This involves written and verbal communication, documentation, debating, listening and understanding. Effective communication is crucial: if we don’t understand our customers’ needs correctly, our products will be sub-optimal.

Team communication and collaboration. Listening to, debating, helping and respecting each other are key components to good, happy developer teams. You’ll set the tone in daily stand-ups, team meetings, code reviews, ad hoc presentations, written guidelines and more. Clearly communicating with project managers, whether that’s via a project management tool or verbally, is also a crucial contribution to overall project health.

Great code. You’ll read, think about and write a lot of code. Practices like automated testing, documentation, clean code and refactoring help keep the quality high. Have other code hygiene ideas? We would love to implement them.

Effective design. While we have UI/UX designers on our team, developers can also contribute to refining designs. Your knowledge of the underlying data structures and functionalities can help the designers craft better solutions for end users.

Great tooling. No-one wants to have to fight their tools or do repetitive work. You should know the library and tooling ecosystem well enough to suggest ways to work more effectively. Maybe you could automate a process with a little Node-based CLI tool or configure a linter to automatically identify common mistakes.

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Strong knowledge of JavaScript, CSS and HTML. These are our foundational technologies. We believe that knowing them well allows us to build better products and provides the basis for learning other tools. We love to work with the Web rather than against it and hope you do, too.

Motivation to discover, learn and share. While we often work issues or projects individually, we all contribute to a single product and codebase. By sharing knowledge with each other, we help improve code and features written by others and promote an open, collaborative atmosphere. Excited about a library you read about in a newsletter and have an idea about how it could help us? Tell everyone about it in the daily stand-up.

Knowledge of architecture patterns and coding practices. As our customer base and feature offering grow, you will be making large scale architectural decisions and debating line-by-line coding best practices. In other words, you craft your code and thoroughly think through its wider implications. When you see a repeated problem in the codebase, you draw up a plan to resolve it and get everyone on board.

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• Variable salary (based on individual and company criteria)

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Aside from this we also provide a lot of indirect benefits (e.g. team building activities, sport activities, Etc.)

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C-Clear Partners helps companies shape, create and manage their customer strategy. Their many years of experience in CRM have learned us that CRM is more than just a tool and CRM projects are not only about technology. That is why they focus on crystalizing your business needs and objectives and translating them to processes which are easy to understand, create extra value and are highly efficient. Together with you, they will implement these processes across your organisation and business units. Resulting in their end goal: achieving your customers’ success.

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