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Omina Technologies is an artificial intelligence (AI) company active in Belgium and the US with offices in Antwerp, Brussels, Liege, Washington D.C. and Miami. We specialize in ethical, explainable and trustworthy artificial intelligence. We are looking for a senior artificial intelligence engineer for our consultancy department. Are you a senior artificial intelligence engineer with a passion for artificial intelligence and do you know of the state-of-the-art AI technologies that enable companies to extract meaningful information from their data? Do you dream of working for a company that is changing the world for good with ethical and explainable artificial intelligence? We are looking for new colleagues to join our team that have several of the skills listed below. Are you this person? Then we have the right opportunity for you!

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Main Activities and Responsibilities
● The candidate will bring experience with regards to AI on relevant projects.
● Provide efficient communication between all the relevant stakeholders.
● Provide data engineering knowledge to the internal R&D process, when required.
● Represent Omina Technologies’ ethics and values to the clients, as an ambassador.
● The candidate is expected to continually expand their expertise and knowledge, for which
we provide resources and support.

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Master or PhD degree in theoretical or applied sciences.
● More than 3 years of experience, preferably on consulting projects.
● A creative problem solver with a strong knowledge of the latest AI technologies.
● Ability to drive new developments and implement process changes and disruptive
technologies in the organization.
● Good organization, communication and documentation skills with the ability to convey
complex technical concepts to non-technical professionals.
● Experience working with a variety of stakeholders within the organization.

Technical skills (each candidate preferably has most of the listed skills)
● Experience with Python, and related packages (e.g., NumPy, SciPy, Scikit-Learn).
● Experience with team-based development tools (e.g., Git, CI/CD, Jira).
● Experience with azure or similar cloud platform.
● Experience with translating a business need into an AI problem and objective.
● Experience with developing and validating AI models.
● Experience with putting AI pipelines into production.
● Experience with explainabile (X) and interpretable (I) AI.
● Awareness of current efforts towards ethical and trustworthy AI.

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We welcome you to a truly dynamic and challenging environment with great opportunities for
personal development. Omina Technologies is a scale-up getting a lot of traction in Europe and the
US. Working for Omina Technologies means you will be working in an exciting and emerging field of
artificial intelligence. Omina Technologies’ benefits are very competitive, and in addition we offer
stock options.

Over ons

Omina Technologies began as a small startup in Belgium in 2016. The market was ready to adopt AI but at the same time it became clear that AI can be used in an unethical way. The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal clearly revealed that AI comes with risks. Rachel Alexander founded Omina Technologies because she believes in building Ethical Artificial Intelligence products and helping companies big and small to untap the potentail of AI while mitigating risk with ethical and trustworthy AI.

Omina Technologies is a company in ethical and trustworthy artificial intelligence:

  • Artificial intelligence should be available to companies big and small
  • Data should be handled ethically and with respect for privacy
  • Artificial intelligence should be explainable and transparent

Omina Technologies was one of the earliest companies in Europe to realize the full potential and power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Since 2016 Omina Technologies has grown exponentially and has expanded their product gamma to service more and more industries.

Omina Technologies developed an AI Platform, Omina Platform, that is ethical by design and empowers domain experts to build ethical AI solutions with real business impact while minimizing risk. In 2018, Omina Consultancy and Omina Academy were added as services, to empower companies to develop AI solutions internally. That year, Omina Technologies also expanded to the US and opened an office in Miami.

In June 2019, CEO Rachel Alexander won the Belgian AI Personality of the Year Award.

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