Senior Lead Backend developer

Agency / consultancy
Jouw rol

What you’ll be doing
In this role, you’ll take the lead for making decisions on what Hotelchamp needs to get to the next level. Like a coder Yoda, you’ve seen it all and so know just the right steps to scale our platform to match our blistering company growth. But you’re not just here to sit back and stroke your chin while telling us what to do – you’re keen to get all up in our code, improving it and thinking up ingenious new solutions to make our product better. It’s dangerous to go
alone though, so you’ll also collaborate with the rest of the gang to come up with our technical requirements too. With the eyes of a some sort of robot-eagle, you monitor the technical property of our system – our code quality, scalability, stability and security.

“But I have legitimate technical questions about the role!” you’re screaming at your screen now. Fear not, our Head of Technology Santal van der Veen is super-friendly and will be happy to meet with you to answer any questions.
● Extend and optimise multiple Back-end applications;
● Recommend appropriate technologies to implement new features;
● Develop code libraries that can be used for multiple projects;
● Build, deliver, and iterate to help scale projects;
● Creating new methods for improving efficiency of the Hotelchamp product
● Take the lead on a small group of enthusiastic backend developers

Wie we zoeken

What you bring to the team:
● 5+ years of experience in Back-end development;
● Knowledge of PHP (OOP) and preferably Laravel 5.6;
● You can set up elegant code architectures;
● You’ll take ownership and can lead a small team of backend devs;
● Experience in building complex but scalable applications;
● Strong understanding of REST APIs and knowledge on how to interface with them;
● Used to writing code in a clean and readable way and love good documentation;
● You live in the area of Groningen.

Je wordt gedreven door:


& Kennis

& Structuur

Wat we bieden

What we give to you:
● Well prepared Jira tickets made with love by our product owner;
● A group of energetic and multicultural colleagues (over 20 nationalities in a team of 50 people!)
● The opportunity to carve your own signature into the growth story of Hotelchamp, one of the fastest growing startups in Europe
● As the old guy in Spiderman says, with great power, comes great responsibility – take control of your development and guide where you want to take your career within the company
● Thank God it’s Thursday – Thursday drinks with the whole team and Thursday company lunch on us
● Some of the most competitive but poorly skilled ping-pong players in the world – prepare to be challenged (and probably victorious)

Over ons

What makes a Champ
You might have heard a lot of things about working in a start-up. Honestly, we’re guilty of some of them – free drinks, a young team with funny accents from all over the world, and at least one of our developers has a beard. And also like a lot of start-ups, we’re growing super fast – we’ve quadrupled our team within a year, and like a cheetah on a skateboard going down a hill, we’re only going faster.

So what makes Hotelchamp different to other startups? The short answer is how we treat you. We celebrate the individual success of each and every employee, we’re just as interested in your development as our own, and we’ll absolutely push you to your limits – but never too far. We know that our company is only as good as the people who work here, so we only hire the best and the brightest. Because that’s what it takes to be a Champ.

We are the Champs
By quadrupling our team of Champs within a year, it’s safe to say that we are growing fast! We won’t stop and we can’t stop, and with great opportunities on the horizon, we’re on the hunt for the best and the brightest to join our team. Yes, we are a start-up and hell yes, we have lots of fun. But above all, we are ready to challenge ourselves each and every day. Are you up for it? Join in and celebrate with us.

Why you want to be a Champ
Hotelchamp provides hotels with the tools to improve their website conversion. They’re pretty darn good tools but we just can’t resist adding new features, constantly testing and turbocharging our product with machine-learning. Wrangling all the data gathered from our client websites and our obsession with optimisation is busy work though – there’s code to critique, bugs to squash and AI to prevent from attaining sentience. Our Groningen-based dev team could use a hand.

Onze locatie
Ubbo Emiussingel 21 Groningen

Kunnen we ergens mee helpen?

Neem contact op via (+31) 020 - 530 0500 (NL) of via (+32) 038 - 081 758 (BE)
Van maandag tot en met vrijdag tussen 08:00 uur en 18:00 uur.