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We are searching for a senior Front-End developer profile to join our product development team. If you are interested, want to work in very talented and dynamic team, and feel like there is a clear match with the profile description below, please apply and send us your CV with a list of relevant references (UX/UI portfolio).

Wie we zoeken

General Properties:

  • Highly motivated and modest
  • Great feeling of ownership: you feel yourself responsible for the results you deliver
  • Skeptical: you ask yourself and others the correct questions and don't assume too easily that everything will work out of the blue
  • Creative and have attention for detail
  • Able to switch viewpoints easily (developer's side - backend, end-user’s side - frontend, …)
  • Able to prioritize work correctly
  • You work proactively and naturally identify tasks that need to be done
  • Practically oriented: You have ideas and can turn them into something real
  • Never give up! ;)

Technical competences:

  • Proficient in a number of programming languages: javascript, (optional python)
  • At least 5 year of experience in web application development and have experimented with a number of development frameworks (e.g., Vue.JS (prefered), nodeJS, Django, Flask, Tornado, React, AngularJS, webpack, …).
  • Striving for clear and reusable code
  • You have developed efficient debugging strategies
  • Experience with modular design architectures


  • Bachelor/Master Engineering/Science
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We believe the future is now. There are just not enough people to solve all the world’s problems, but powerful AI tools and gigantic computational resources now help us on the way. With a core team of more than 30 PhDs, physicists, mathematicians and engineers we have a proven track record of creating new revenue out of existing data.

If you want to join our team and you have a strong interest in mathematics/applied physics or in software engineering generally.


The past years we have mainly focused on 3 verticals. We have first built a worldwide ecosystem in agriculture where we lead with our AI software (the niche of the automated planting of plant cuttings). Farmers in Canada, Japan, Australia, USA and many other places are using RVAI technology to quickly teach in new plant types. We connect the needs of farmers (robot customers) in one continent with people in need in another continent (labelers), so direct value chains are created.

Because of this ecosystem, we have learned that robustness and ease of use are the most important aspects of self learning technology. We interacted intensively with our integrators and end customers and learned that there were secondary needs. That’s how the AI store was born.

We are now building similar ecosystems in manufacturing, smart city and medical. You can find some references below.

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Van maandag tot en met vrijdag tussen 08:00 uur en 18:00 uur.