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Orbisk is a start-up on a mission to make the world food system more sustainable. We do this by using progressive and innovative technology. 

About Orbisk

One of today's biggest challenges is food waste. Worldwide about one-third of all food produced is wasted. Looking at The Netherlands, for the hospitality industry alone, this adds up to 150 million kilos per year!

Our integral solution provides hospitality organizations with a complete insight into their food waste. And by doing so help them cut their waste in half. For this we make maximum use of recent developments in computer vision and AI. Our smart camera on top of the waste bin, connected to a scale, will automatically register all food being that is being thrown away up to the ingredient level.

Orbisk is the solution for restaurants to quantify huge volumes of wasted food through image recognition in combination with a smart scale will provide real-time actionable insights in food losses in fields of procurement, planning and efficiency within the kitchen. Besides the financial incentive to reduce food waste, this product can be used as a marketing tool to communicate to the customers of the restaurants.

Working at Orbisk

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Where is Orbisk located? 

The office of Orbisk is located in Utrecht

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Europalaan 2 , Utrecht
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