Business Developer Ethical Hacking

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Business Development Manager
Medior, Senior

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Lunch / kantine

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Agency, Tech

As Business Development Manager I bring in new potential customers and partnerships. It is my goal to ensure that the Security Factory remains first in mind when organizations need a penetration test or awareness services, both with new prospects and existing customers.

Jouw rol

I’m end to end responsible for tSF’s commercial goals. Making sure that our team of ethical hackers always has projects to be working on. These projects being mostly short in nature, it means I get to score deals on a regular basis. These regular victories give me a boost every time. When I first started this job, I didn’t know the first thing about ethical hacking or IT for that matter. Talking to the team made it easier to understand the business. Our consultants are always available to join me on a customer visit..

Jouw profiel

  • Prospecting
  • Taking initiative
  • Time management
  • Empathy
  • Positivity
  • Active listening

In deze baan vind je:

Specialisme & Invloed & Structuur

Wat we bieden

  • The possibility to work in a team of highly motivated and skilled professionals
  • Continuous growth of your knowledge and personal skills through a wide variety of training and development opportunities
  • Customers who don’t beat around the bush and tell it like it is
  • Feedback of consultants on positive client experiences/satisfied clients
  • Scoring deals, preferably unexpected deals, and the commission coming with it!
  • A game of darts to relax

Over ons

A family of pentest professionals with expert skillsets

Our team works hard and has skill sets that are rarely seen. They keep up on new technologies & developments and are experts, each in their own field.

A pentester for software or mobile applications and a pentester for infrastructure are two different profiles. We create guru’s, not all-rounders. With these talented and certified ethical hackers, we ensure the best results for virtually any scenario.

Onze locatie

Samenwerkingsstraat 50 Niel

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