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Are you looking for a new opportunity in an Amsterdam-based startup? Join the Griffle team! 

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Our front-end stack currently consists of modern Javascript frameworks and tooling like React / Redux (sagas) / Apollo / Sass / Material UI/ Jest / Next.js / GraphQL API. On the backend we use: Node.js / PostgreSQL (JSONB) / Redis

Your role

The Griffle team is still small, so you will be the only front-end developer at the moment. As our front-end developer, we work with a flexible Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). That means it can start any day of the week and can last for 3 days or 3 weeks. All the steps within the SDLC are always in the right order. We do not work in fixed 2-week sprints. We expect you to think and develop with us for the best code. 

- We have daily stand-ups, 

- A weekly meeting (‘Mo-ment’) with everyone in the team. 

- A quarterly and annually team events to review and present future plans. 

But mostly you are developing a brand new SaaS application and looking for creative solutions for a product in a very new niche B2B market. 

The team

Griffle is part of the Momice Group, which consists of 20 team members in total. The Griffle team is now 5. You’ll be working mostly with the Dev & design team consisting: of Arjan (CTO), Enrique (Lead/back-end developer), Sabrina (UX-designer), and Myhra (visual designer). At Griffle we are bootstrapping and are supported by our ‘Mother company’ Momice. Momice is event software and is one of the most important players in the Dutch industry. 

Your impact

You are part of the creation of a new SaaS product, backed by a company that is very successful in the SaaS events industry. We are on the verge of launching this new product in a beta version within a few weeks. We believe Griffle will be one of the most popular products in the training courses industry. Hundreds or thousands of course organizers and participants will enjoy the great experience of Griffle. You can be part of that journey!

Jouw profiel

y working effectively with a small development team, we achieved a lot in the first phase. We are now looking for an experienced front-end developer that is aware of the latest techniques and excited to put them into practice in our new product. 

Of course, we want your experience and skills to match our tech stack. We look for a person who is flexible. Yes, we love scrum and agile, but we have our own agile-like method that works well for us at the moment. The team is too small to allocate all the scrum roles, so we combine different roles. We review and improve our method on a regular basis, but it requires a flexible attitude from you.

Our front-end stack currently consists of modern Javascript frameworks and tooling

● React / Redux (sagas) / Apollo / Sass / Material UI/ Jest

● Next.js

● GraphQL API

On the backend we use:

● Node.js / PostgreSQL (JSONB) / Redis

The software is running on:

● Docker / Kubernetes / Google Cloud Platform / Gitlab

Participate in the whole product development

Your experience with React / Redux / GraphQL is crucial. Either you have set up new services or features using these techniques, or you’re able to quickly figure out how to do it. Besides developing the product, you give your input for the design, in terms of infrastructure, UX or other areas of your expertise. You are creating the new product, not only building it. 

We prefer someone who is comfortable with the front end. You take the basics like Git and a good ci/cd system and make them work. You are free in the choice of your development tools and hardware - as long as you can push code, we’re happy to cheer you on and let you work in the way that feels best for you. 

Wat we bieden

● A competitive salary. 

● A great spacious office in the business district of Amsterdam ((Zuid-Oost)

● Hybrid working. At least 1 day at the office, the rest of the week you work from home. 

● The hardware (laptop or desktop) of your choice, for your best performance. 

● The opportunity to co-create and work on the modern technology stack.

● An environment that genuinely appreciates you as a person. 

● An ambitious and close team. Please note: you will become a Momice Group family member (and you’ll love it!) 

Over ons

Momice is the Dutch market leader in the event software industry. We help as hundreds of event managers manage their business events. We noticed training courses are actually micro-events: people come together to learn and connect. They need proper software to automate the registration, communication and evaluation, just like event managers! So decided to build a new tool, specifically for that industry, called Griffle. The beta version of this product is about to be release. 

The product Griffle

Griffle is the first Training Management Software (TMS) company in the Netherlands. Griffle helps everyone who manages group workshops and training courses. This is our vision of Training Management Software: 

1. Keep an overview of all training and course metrics (participants, capacity, turnover, ratings, etc.)

2. Save time by automating all manual operations like registrations, payments, communication, and invoicing.

3. Sell more courses with a branded, optimized landing page.

4. Realize growth objectives with insights about clients, feedback, and reporting.

5. Enrich the experience for participants by offering a handy participant page with all information about the course. 

We have been working for 1,5 years now and we are very close to Beta.

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Hoogoorddreef 73-B Amsterdam

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