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Gratis lunch, 1000 euro opleiding tegoed

Help everyone reach their full potential through learning and vitality. That's the purpose of Springest. What you do has a big impact on people's lives and careers. And the best thing? We help and push you to reach your full potential too.

We connect people who want to learn, to companies who provide services and products like training, e-learning, coaching, books, videos and vitality. If it helps you reach your full potential, we want to help you discover it. 

Internally we speak English because we operate in multiple countries and employ many nationalities.


About Springest


Springest works with the Holacracy organisational "operating system". Holacracy is a management model for organisations, where authority is distributed in an organic, flat structure with circles (teams) and roles. Roles define the responsibilities each team member has, usually you have several roles. Due to this distributed authority system, each employee is empowered to decide how to energise their roles and bears the responsibility for its execution.

Sound complicated? Don't worry, we will take the time to teach you. It doesn't take more time to learn than to learn how any other company works. The only difference: it's all quickly findable because how we work is documented in detail. Just like those roles and circles you see on the left.

Benefits of Working at Springest

• No managers, lots of responsibility
• No politics, just transparency and clarity
• Informal culture, focussed on learning
• Standup desks and Apple hardware
• Free organic & healthy lunch
• €1.000 yearly learning budget
• Regular meetups & drinks
• Flexible working hours (or from home)
• Quarterly happiness talks with founder
• Foosbal/pingpong/Nintendo/darts/sjoelbak
• Regular group meditations & exercise
• Massage chair & ergonomic checkups

Where is Springest located?

Springest is located in Amsterdam. Springest is located in Amsterdam. A 10 minute walk along the IJ river from Amsterdam Central Station :)

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Onze locatie

Van Diemenstraat 192, Amsterdam
Van Diemenstraat 192