Nakko is a full service mobile agency focused on retail services. They love bundling creative energy with technical expertise to produce mobile solutions that deliver. They go above and beyond to help you reach beyond your goals, embrace standards and modern techniques to push boundaries in mobile. Their clients are some of the top brands in Europe.

About Nakko

Nakko develops, maintains and monetises apps and websites for its customers. They’ve built some very successful apps so they know how to handle apps with millions of users. Nakko scours the earth to find the talent responsible for these apps, sites and back-ends. They're fully committed to the agile way of working to make the whole process as transparent as possible for their clients. Nakko’s founders have been active in mobile since phone screens were monochrome and ringtones monophonic. Ample experience to help you achieve your goals!

Clients and projects

Nakko has worked with a lot of big clients, a few of them are:

Working at Nakko:

Nakko is a young, fast-growing and innovative Dutch mobile agency, focused on creating, realizing and maintaining cutting-edge mobile applications and services for the leading mobile platforms. Nakko is based in the Amsterdam region. Its team consists of at present 11 enthusiastic and truly involved professionals, and is rapidly growing. Nakko has a professional but informal and open culture, in which any team member is regarded as a key contributor towards the success of the projects and the company. People are encouraged to utilize the max of their capabilities, also beyond the borders of their present and proven knowledge and expertise. It is not only about ‘harvesting’ present capabilities but also about exploring and developing new capabilities!

Where is Nakko located?

The office of Nakko can be found in Diemen-Zuid. Close to the trainstation, it can be easily reached by public transport and by your own car. 

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