At myTomorrows, they think there should be a simpler, more efficient way for physicians and their patients to find out about and access pre-approval medicines currently in Clinical Trials and/or Early Access Programs.

MyTomorrows is on a mission to make pre-approval medicines available to physicians and their patients who have no satisfactory treatment options with registered medicines.


About myTomorrows

The team is driven, caring, and determined. While everyone comes from different backgrounds and disciplines, each member of the team contributes expertise that, combined with the technology platform, provides patients and their physicians the keys to drive the necessary change.

At myTomorrows they combine medical knowledge, passion to help patients and physicians, and technical expertise to create a digital platform and hands-on solutions to facilitate access to pre-approval medicines.


Working at myTomorrows

By digitizing, organizing, and making accessible key healthcare information, myTomorrows can make a real difference to real people with real illnesses, all over the world. The medical team works hand-in-hand with technical experts to address today’s complicated process for early access to medicines. Use your initiative and judgment to define your career path. Pick your own challenges to change the world of healthcare.


Where is myTomorrows located?

The office of myTomorrows is located in Amsterdam-Zuid, next to highway and nearby the trainstation of Amsterdam-Zuid. With easy access to the company in any possible way it's a nice place to start working in the capital of Holland.


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Onze locatie

Anthony Fokkerweg  61, Amsterdam
Anthony Fokkerweg 61